- /speedtest for a simple Test of your Internet Connection - no limits (might change)
- /ip for IPV4 Detection Requests - no limits (GET) : TEXT/HTML
- /api/v1/tools/validateemail?email=example@service.com for testing if an E-Mail address exists - limited to 100 req/hour (GET) : JSON
- /api/v1/network/status for a Server Status of all public FGS Network Nodes (GET) - limited to 100 req/hour : JSON
- /api/v1/teamspeak/status for a Teamspeak Server Status (GET) - limited to 100 req/hour : JSON
- /api/v1/teamspeak/clients for a list of currently online Teamspeak Users - Hidden Clients will be excluded (GET) - limited to 100 req/hour : JSON

No authentication required for these calls. Currently HTTP only (API calls with sensitive data are HTTPS protected).
Non-blacklisted proxy & VPN IP's are allowed (blacklist check by spamhaus).
Blacklisted IP's are extremely limited in requests or disallowed completely, depending on the type of blacklist.

Abuse of any service will lead to poor sleep (and increased service restrictions).


Q: Why does this site look so ugly?
A: Lazy. Also you don't need fancy design for an API Node.

Q: API Node? But I'm on fabeyy.me?
A: Yes. This domain provides purely as an API Node at the moment. (Soon to be changed)

Q: Why can't I access the API?
A: It's still under development and might experience some change-related downtime (yes even with multiple nodes). Otherwise try to use the public endpoints.

Q: Can I crawl your website?
A: I guess?

Q: The IP Detection service returns a wrong IPV4
A: It returns the IPV4 the request is made with, if you are behind a proxy you will get the Proxy IP.